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Hello everyone,

you are planning your vacation? Summer is coming and you feel the need to better organize your a week of relaxation?

Hotel Santa Rosa to Sangineto Lido is preparing a series of promotions for the month of June and especially in July 2013! The holiday must be a space of time to live as you see fit, for this l ‘Hotel Santa Rosa as well as the solution “extreme relaxation” has developed a series of trips outside to take your breath:

  • Rafting
  • Trakking
  • Excursions toGole del Raganello

All of these initiatives will be published soon with a lot of additional information. Everything has been designed to give people the opportunity to more dynamic to get in touch with nature that Calabria and especially the district Sangineto Lido offer.

To book your holiday please do not hesitate to contact us via contact form: LINK or through our BOOKING ONLINE with certificate of safe transition to 128 bit.

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